MPVHA (Madhya Pradesh Voluntary Health Association) as an association came into existence in 1973, to meet the health needs of the people and to enhance their role in development. Presently, it is a network of more than 300 voluntary organizations, working in different parts of the state. MPVHA strives to fulfill its vision of “Holistic Health and Health a Reality for All” by ensuring active participation and involvement of people in MP. In its 38 year – long journey, it took up several challenges to strengthen the voluntary health movement and to promote community health, keeping in mind the needs of the poor, marginalized and weaker sections of the society, especially women and children.

During the past 8-9 years, MPVHA has witnessed tremendous changes in society, therefore, it has also changed its approach by adding two more dimensions to its networking approach i.e. Coalition and Direct Implementation of some of the projects, to bring visible and qualitative results.

Innovative rural development and poverty alleviation programs have also been integrated along with health promotion, as MPVHA realized that health cannot be dealt with in isolation.

Broadly, it is involved in capacity building, advocacy, research, part services, campaign, Information Dissemination and consultancy. It has always involved itself in bringing people closer to the health system, thus lending a helping hand, to build up a healthy and sustainable society. MPVHA efforts are widespread and at deeper levels, known to be moderately modernized and technologically advanced. MPVHA efforts are always meant to purify the vibration of all those, who believe in community health promotion. One can experience great opportunities, higher quality, relationships and greater experience and insights, enhancing creativity, intuition and extra sensory perceptions. The direct benefit however, is that of enhancement in capacity, skill and in creation of a people oriented health and development movement.

Our Vision

"To Promote Social Justice through the Provision and Distribution of Holistic Health Care & Empowerment of People, to make Health a Reality for all, with Special Emphasis on the Deprived Section"