HIV/AIDS Awareness & Prevention

India is the second most populous country in the world. When the first case of HIV infection was detected in Tamil Nadu in 1986, the response of the nation was a mixture of panic and denial. Since then, HIV/ AIDS have spread at an alarming speed in India and now pose a major public health and development threat. It is observed that, HIV/AIDS has impact beyond the national boundaries and has inter-country and regional implications. The problem is becoming more complicated with no or lack of accurate, simple and timely information and the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS. Stigma and discrimination, whether actual or feared, remains perhaps the most difficult obstacle in prevention of HIV.
Indore is the largest city of Madhya Pradesh and the most populous metropolitan area in central India. It is one of the commercial as well as educational hubs. Large percentage of population constitutes of migrants who are laborers and hence slum dwellers. Major highways pass through Indore. In Indore there is no defined red light area. Long-distance Truckers and Single Male Migrants constitute a significant proportion of clients of sex workers. They act as bridge population in transferring the infection. These conditions make Indore more vulnerable. The intervention through activities will be more effective if the activities are implemented in slums of Indore. Considering this in 2010, MPVHA along with the support of Pharmaciens Sans Frontiers and Terre Des Hommes (Tdh) started the following project:

“Community based initiative to reduce stigma & discrimination and create supportive environment for HIV/ AIDS infected & affected with persons with special emphasis on children.”

Goal : Reduce Stigma & Discrimination for HIV/AIDS Infected & Affected people especially for children to create a supportive environment.


At present 80 families have associated with the project.
3 families discussed guardianship of their children with their families.
4 families disclosed their HIV positive status to their children.
3 infected females started attending support group trainings.
114 infected people are receiving Nutritional support.
5 families approached the project team to get associated with project.
This year 6 families have invested in some sort of financial scheme to secure the future of their children.
30 applications for BPL card have been submitted to collector.
Community is now aware of Right to Education act, Consumer Forum and Right to information.
46 new community members joined different support groups, out of 46, 25 members are health workers.
45 children joined Childrens Association.
This year 100 people have gone for CD4 Count Test. 43 individuals have shown increase in CD4 Count. Whereas 27 infected people have decreased level of CD4 Count. 45 people have increased weight.10 people showed decrease in weight.
The burden of Education of 81 families decreased with the part support of Education Support. 6 children who are orphan are receiving full education support.
Medical support also reduced the burden of Treatment. 57 persons benefitted with the medical support.
For the first time support group and children association organized community events (Exhibition cum Quiz Competition and rally) themselves.
03 Dropout girls reenrolled in the school.
02 children from families got admission in private schools under Right to Education Act.
04 Children from community got privileges under RTE.
27 families received livelihood support under project

Our Vision

"To Promote Social Justice through the Provision and Distribution of Holistic Health Care & Empowerment of People, to make Health a Reality for all, with Special Emphasis on the Deprived Section"

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