Broad Objectives of the Organization

To promote and strengthen the member organizations for their optimum participation in community health and social justice movements.
To encourage community participation for the promotion, preservation and improvement of health of the people.
To promote and to maintain liaison and encourage good working relationship among member NGOs and all relevant and related civil, Government, National and International agencies.
To promote health education.
To collect, exchange and disseminate health and related knowledge and information.
To conduct relevant research in the area of health.
To promote quality health care through planned and effective use of available resources.
To Raise funds for the establishment and working of the Association by accepting contributions from the members of the co-operative units as well as from other well wishers and carrying on any income generation activity, like running a printing press, DTP works, publication of books, magazines, papers and other literature.  leasing out the surplus areas in the premises of the Association’s building, running hostels for boys, girls and working women, establishing and running training centers, health related consultancy works, hospital, clinics, micro finance, self help group and such other like activities which shall not come in conflict with the objects of the Society, for enabling the carrying out and / or for attainment of any of the objects and purposes of the Association.
To raise funds in any manner, other than borrowing, which the society may think fit.
To acquire by purchase, lease, grant, assignment, gift or otherwise, land, gardens, building, machinery, medical and other stores and equipments, vehicles and articles and commodities for the purpose of the society; and sell, mortgage, lease out, rent out or otherwise, transfer or dispose of the whole or any part of any of the assets of the Society for promoting the objects for which the Society is constituted.
To undertake, do or perform any other act, deed or thing which in the discretion of the general body is conductive of attaining the above objects or are incidental to or deemed auxiliary thereto.
To affiliate other similar organizations or to become affiliated to such organization or to join with such organization on such terms and conditions as the general body may decide upon from time to time.
Prioritize and work for policy intervention through advocacy and campaign.


Our Vision

"To Promote Social Justice through the Provision and Distribution of Holistic Health Care & Empowerment of People, to make Health a Reality for all, with Special Emphasis on the Deprived Section"