Saving the Girl Child

In Indian society, which is known for its varied culture and customs, woman, very easily, becomes the target of certain customs, which directly or indirectly infringe her basic human rights. Existing social structure, non-availability of opportunities, high incidence of violence, and exploitation at various levels etc. all leave women with very poor health and other developmental indicators. Preference for the male child has been one of the most evident manifestations of gender discrimination in our society. With the advancement in medical science and technology, sex selection has moved from female infanticide to sex selective abortions or female foeticide. Despite gains in education, longevity and income for some groups of women, large sections of Indian society still consider daughters a liability, and are apparently stooping to any level in order to avert their birth. MPVHA staged the following interventions on this issue:

A. "Strengthened Response to Addressing Sex Selection and PC-PNDT Act implementation through enhanced capacities of NGO’s (which was extended to 26 districts in 2012) together with targeted intervention in Indore District"

B. "Campaign against Gender Discrimination Focusing Sex Selective Practices in Eight Districts of Madhya Pradesh (Supported by MISEREOR, Germany)"

Our Vision

"To Promote Social Justice through the Provision and Distribution of Holistic Health Care & Empowerment of People, to make Health a Reality for all, with Special Emphasis on the Deprived Section"